Audio to SRT Converter

Convert audio files to .SRT files with AI captioning

The audio to .SRT conversion with the help of AI involves transcribing the audio into text and then formatting this into .SRT, a standard format used by video players to display subtitles. Here is how you can use our AI transcription service available to achieve this.

Step 1: Purchase the service

1. Open your internet browser and visit the link:
2. Browse through the page to understand the specifics of the service.
3. The service starts at $5.99/month for 60 minutes.
4. Select the suitable plan and proceed to signup and payment.
5. After payment, you’ll be able to start uploading your audio files.

Step 2: Upload Audio Files

1. After purchasing the service, you’ll find an option to upload your audio files.
2. You can either drag and drop the files or browse through your directories to upload them.
3. You may upload files from your device or from cloud storage.
4. Please make sure the audio is clear as it affects the accuracy of transcription.

Step 3: AI Transcription

1. After uploading, the AI will start processing your file.
2. Depending on the duration of the audio, this process usually takes between 15 to 20 minutes.
3. The AI uses advanced speech recognition algorithms to transcribe audio into text.

Step 4: Receive .SRT files

1. Once the transcription process is finished, the text is converted and formatted into .SRT files.
2. The .SRT files will be sent to your registered email address.
3. Download the .SRT files from your email and use them for your purpose.

By following these steps, you can use our AI Transcription service to convert audio to .srt files.

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