Sep 30, 2023

How to Swiftly Analyze Audio/Video Recordings with AI

Functional in over 60 different languages.

This article outlines how you can rapidly analyze audio/video recordings with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Suppose you have a foreign language audio recording from which you wish to extract information, preserving the utmost level of privacy. The fastest, most cost-effective, and secure method is to employ AI for such tasks. This is because you can directly request the AI to provide you with the information, eliminating the need to enlist translators or additional personnel.

The initial step involves signing up on our website.

Then navigate to:

Click on the red button to upload your audio recordings. Ensure that you select the Original Audio File Language and choose the option to Translate it into English.

Upload Files

Once your files are processed, you’ll be able to ask questions pertaining directly to the file:

Ask AI

At this stage, you can specify the question for which you want the AI to locate information:

Ask AI

After a few minutes, the AI will supply you with a response:

AI Response

This method empowers you to acquire precise information promptly while ensuring the highest possible level of privacy. You can ask the AI any questions related to your audio recordings.

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