Nov 28, 2023

New Services in Captioning, Subtitling, and Translation

In a ground-breaking move to further expand its scope of affordability and accessibility, TranscribeFiles announced the debut of its latest suite of services: captioning, subtitling, and text/captions/transcripts translation services.

Ever adaptive and committed to empowering seamless communication, these new services are set to foster international understanding, assist the deaf and hard of hearing, and make visual and audio content more immersive and inclusive. In doing so, we are poised to revolutionize the landscape of communication and accessibility, emphasizing the company’s leading role in paving the augmentation in this sector.

Adaptability and Affordability

TranscribeFiles new captioning services aim to make audible content accessible via text. These services, designed with utmost precision and proficiency, start at an economically sound rate of $0.95 USD per minute. This initiative seeks to bridge communication gaps and foster lasting connections, delivering high-quality communication to everyone.

Moreover, in an extension of this initiative, we also offering subtitling services starting at $9.00 USD per minute. By adding accurate and synchronized translations as onscreen text for video content, users can expect an enhanced experience, making it a stellar method of content promotion and an efficient means of extending the reach of content to a much wider audience.

Way of Communication

Tying together this renovation, we also embarked on the movement of providing translation services for text, captions, and transcripts starting at a very affordable rate of $0.10 USD per word. These services come in handy for businesses and individuals who aim for a multi-lingual workforce or audience. In this global era when linguistic diversity is cherished, the need for multilingual communication tools like the services offered by TranscribeFiles is inevitable.

Easy to Get Started

To make use of these exceptional services, users can place their orders on our website- a seamless and user-friendly platform that will guide them through the process. The company emphasises trust and punctuality, guaranteeing timely and high-quality delivery of all services.

TranscribeFiles commitment to innovation and advancement is further solidified through this new offering. Our new services do not merely aim at increasing their revenue, but strive to include, empower, and make every voice heard.

As company continues to evolve with the changing times, customers can expect exceptional services that are groundbreaking and relevant, making them a top choice for comprehensive communication solutions. With this suite of services, the company aims to enrich the means of communication and ensure access to all, thus taking commendable steps for a more inclusive communication environment.

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