Jan 14, 2024

Announcing Projects: Our ground-breaking service

Hello readers and welcome to the latest instalment on the TranscribeFiles blog! We are particularly thrilled today as we introduce to you our newest offering, a service that significantly remodels the process of how your digital projects are managed: meet Projects

Uploading Made Easy

Think of it this way: You have a project, it could be anything from a sizeable data mass or a more freelance-style assignment. You head over to our platform and upload your project files. Yes, it’s that simple. Let us examine your files, send you an invoice, and as soon as it’s paid, we’re right on it.

Remember, big or small, your project matters to us. You can upload a remarkable volume of up to 1000GB per project. A banquet of services awaits, with room for anything audio, video, or text file related.

A Platter of Services

TranscribeFiles ‘Projects’ is nothing short of a one-stop solution for an impressive range of services. We’re talking about transcription, captioning, subtitling, translation, video editing, audio editing/cleaning, proofreading & editing, paraphrasing. Data entry? Check. Data typing? Check. Data formatting, data cleaning? Double-check.

We’ve got you covered on all fronts related to your project. The effortless operation of our Projects platform ensures streamlined procedures for our esteemed users.

The Projects Advantage

Think about time efficiency and the sheer ease of using the ‘Projects’. Say goodbye to the complexities of handling multiple service providers. ‘Projects’ brings it all under one umbrella. Transparent, user-friendly, and efficient to the core— that’s our promise as we roll out this offering.

Ready to Trial?

Go ahead and upload your project today. Explore the all-encompassing solutions that ‘Projects’ has to offer. Our team is ready and excited to streamline and redefine your idea of managing and executing digital projects.

Watch this space for more updates, as we dive into the specific features of ‘Projects’ in our upcoming posts. Till then, let us know your thoughts and feedback on our new service. Happy ‘Project’ing!

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